Kimberly Derting is Dauntless! #TeamDauntless #DivergentNation

Kimberly Derting, author of the Body Finder series & The Pledge, talks about why she's Dauntless!

Dauntless? Who, me???

For those of you who know, or have even met me, I might not strike you as the “Dauntless” sort. That’s probably because I’m not overly pierced, tattooed, insanely badass, or particularly skilled with weaponry. I can’t even throw a punch...although I have been told I’m pretty decent with the bow staff (not!)

But let’s be clear, that doesn’t mean I’m not tough, because...let’s face it, tough is relative. Tough is a state of mind. (Okay tough can be physical too, but I’m talking about a different kind of tough here.)

I grew up in a fairly rough neighborhood...the kind where people didn’t stroll around after dark, or say, leave a nice car (or any car) unlocked. A lot of the kids I grew up with, me included, were pretty much expected to stay in that very same neighborhood...or one just like it. There was very little initiative to “get out” so to speak. Most of the parents didn’t have jobs, probably hadn’t graduated high school, and didn’t do the things necessary to help give their kids a chance at a better life, ones that included college or even a skilled trade, for that matter.

And I almost fell into that same pattern when I dropped out of high school during my senior year. But the thing is, I knew right away that wasn’t who I wanted to be. So I kicked my own ass and decided to enroll in the local community college to finish up the classes I needed. And then I started working. Hard. I went back to college and I set goals for myself. Sometimes I met them and sometimes I didn’t, but I never stopped trying toward something more. And I never looked back at the kind of life I’d had growing up in project housing, but I also will NEVER, forget where I came from.

It’s hard to break molds, to become something other—more—than what’s expected of you. But if you want it bad enough...and if you’re Dauntless, you can do it!

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  1. After reading about Derting I really admire her. She is dauntless for sure. I hope she would consider giving presentations at high schools. I think a lot of students would relate to her life experiences. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of her book. I just read a library copy of The Pledge this week and am looking forward to reading more of her books.


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