Hunger Games Mall Tour Chicago & Giveaway!

I went to the Hunger Games Cast Mall Tour in Chicago tonight.  It was held at the Westfield Fox Valley Mall - check out their Facebook Page for Pics! It was a good time and would totally recommend anyone who's a fan of the movie and books to go!  It was a lot of fun to be with a bunch of people who love something you do!  And if you can get one of the wristbands for the event DO IT! It'll make your experience SOOOO much better!

Couple random things if anyone who's anyone who plans such events is reading this, a couple things.

1. Raise the stage that the actors are on.  It's REALLY hard for people to see the cast when they are basically on the same level as everyone else.

2. Make the rules easy to understand and figure out.

3. Have a way for people who cant make it to the mall to get wristbands to get one.  In the case of this stop, wristbands were given to people who bought $25 worth of Hunger Games merchandise.  If I could have called and bought over the phone and gotten a wristband I totally would have!

4. And finally, have graduated standing for attendees.  When you have 1000+ people it's REALLY hard for those in the back to see.

Okay, now the fun stuff, here are some pics!  You can view all of my pics HERE on Facebook.  And I found out after that the Mayor of District 10 was at the event too! You can see her pics HERE.

And I got one video of Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jacqueline Emerson  talking about their favorite parts of the movie.


I was able to snag an extra tour poster that they were handing out! (this is also the one they were signing at the meet and greet, but sorry, this one's not signed, it's just the poster)

And luck you, I <3 you all and I'm giving it away! 
  • US residents only 
  • All of our other rules apply
  • Giveaway ends 3/21
  • Click HERE to enter to win!


  1. VERY COOL! Omg that close and i had no clue! *sad face*

  2. Pity it wasn't an international giveaway . . . dying for that poster! But sounds like such an awesome event . . . would've LOVED to have seen Josh in person. Sighs.

  3. Holy cow - this event looks CRAZY! Was Jennifer Lawrence there?? What did you get to do if you had a wristband? I am jealous that you got to go!!

  4. Wow, looked like an awesome experience! The woes of living in a small city that no one's ever heard of...

  5. I am so jealous, Stacey!!! I can't wait for this movie to come out.


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