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We are SUPER excited to be part of the Kismet Blog tour for Spellbound by Cara Lynn Shultz!  I got to meet Cara at BEA and we even were at GMA Lady Gaga Concert together and didn't even know it! So it's very cool to help showcase her debut book here at PTB! (You can also find Cara on Facebook and Twitter)

To keep up with all the Spellbound tour fun (and all the official rules for the CRAZY huge giveaway we'll talk about later), be sure to stop by Spellbound Blog Tour page.

For our tour stop, we get to interview Brendan (check out his Facebook page and you can also find him on Twitter), the hunky love interest from Spellbound.  We hope you enjoy meeting him!!! And stay tuned after the interview to learn how you can win cool stuff!

PTB: Hi Brendan - thanks for stopping by the blog today, we're excited to meet you!
Brendan: Cool, thanks for having me.

How would you describe yourself?
Part-time pirate, full-time ninja. No, I’m just playing. Um, I don’t know. I’m normal, I guess. New Yorker. In high school. Play basketball. DJ. Live downtown. Ninja boss.

What are the first 3 words that came into your mind when you first met Emma?
Well, when I first heard her, she was sitting behind me, and I thought “This girl’s funny” because she was making fun of Orangina (that’s what I call Kristin) to her face. When I turned around, I just thought “She’s really cute.”

What song best describes Emma?
This is hard. There are a lot of songs that remind me of her. The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven.” New Found Glory’s “Too Good To Be.” Blink-182’s “Josie.” But for the ultimate song about her? I might have to take it old school with Billy Joel, “She’s Got a Way.” My dad was playing some Billy Joel and the lyrics just kind of hit me.

What song best describes yourself?
Lonely Island, “Like a Boss.” ;) Probably Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.” Love Sinatra. My FB profile pic for a long time was me standing on Frank’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Whats your favorite thing to do in NYC?
I like going to concerts the most. I like taking Emma places, too, showing her my favorite parts of the city. I like going to Yankee games.

Whats the craziest piece of info you've found while researching your family history?
It’s all a little crazy. The Salingers have been in New York forever. I found out a relative played minor league baseball. That was kind of crazy.

Whats your favorite thing about Emma?
Hard to say one thing, to be honest. One day it’s her sense of humor, the next day it’s how sweet she is, the next day she’ll blow me away because she’s really smart. And, I won’t lie, she’s gorgeous. I mean, have you seen my girlfriend? She brings the hotness. I’m a lucky man J

Keep up with the whole tour! 
Here are the next two stops, check out the tour page for a complete list!
June 14th - Candace's Book Blog / Guest Post
June 15th - Baffled Books
Tuesday, July 5th: Announcement of the big prize winner on Cara's Site!

And now that we've all fallen for Brendan, here's a chance to get to know him a little better! We are giving away one copy of Spellbound!
The Giveaway
Open to US and Canada Only
Our standard rules apply
Fill out the form below to enter
Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm central time on 6/20
 Click HERE to enter!

And now how to enter to win the BIG GRAND PRIZE

Yep, that's a Spellbound iPod! 
And it comes loaded with the Spellbound playlist!
Here are the details...

Each stop will have a text message conversation between Brendan and Emma (yeah, it's movie quotes! hehe) that they will post, it'll look like this:
(click to make larger)

In each conversation, there will be a word or words that in are pink, that's what you need to collect to play along!  

Here are all the official rules:
  • In order to enter to win a iPod nano including the Spellbound Playlist and covered in a GelaSkin of Spellbound's cover art, you must collect the pink highlighted words the text messages between Brendan and Emma that are provided each day at the individual tour stops. The daily words can be joined together in sequential order to create the winning secret message. Once you've constructed the winning secret message, you will need to enter that message on Spellbound's tour home page
  • No purchase, affiliation, status as follower to a certain blog or any other association is required to enter.
  • Full rules for the contest can be found at the Spellbound tour home page
  • Winner of the iPod give-away will be announced on Cara's homepage on Tuesday, July 5th.


  1. Great interview, ladies!! Thanks for hosting Brendan so we could get to know him a little better!

  2. Fun interview!! Book looks like its going to be awesome!!

  3. That was a cute little interview. Thanks for participating in the tour!

  4. Awesome interview! Brendan gives very good interview haha and boy you're right I've definitely fallen for him, he's so cute about Emma! :D
    Thanks for sharing! :D And for the chance to win a copy of Spellbound, so we can read about him too. ;)

  5. Well,

    He sounds cute! Love a guy that thinks his girl brings on the hotness! Wish I was still in high school! Thanks for hosting!


  6. Sounds great! Brendan sounds cute :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Very cute interview! I really want to read this book!


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